Roald Dahl's scary tale is told with delicious style by director Nic Roeg and the effects masters at Jim Henson's Creature Workshop. Anjelica Huston relishes her role as the sorceress who plans to turn every child in England into mice.


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Aconite On The Tiles

Hecate is a heavy-hitter. She appears in Jason & The Argonauts. She is known as the Goddess of Witchcraft. So she has a modern importance in the 21st century. She has also has the three faces. It turns out that many goddesses had the triple aspect. You hear this about Celtic deities all the time. One can say that the Celts are peripheral as they are on the fringes of Western Europe, but back in the day, they were in the heart of Europe. The Greeks knew them and the Romans had to face them.

This is to say that aconite is a poison sacred to Hecate. I just found that out. There's a genus of plants called Aconitum. All the species of this genus contain an alkaloidal poison. These poisons have been used from the earliest times and all over the world. The classic species is Aconitum napellus, also known as Wolf's Bane, Friar's Hat and Monksbane.


The Old Days

These days witches have been rehabilitated. In former times they were persecuted and even incinerated by an ignorant Christian Church that should have known better.

The Bible is pretty clear on the matter. Thou shalt not kill. Then a few verses later, Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.

As I like to say, there are no witches in the Bible because it is an Anglo-Saxon word and they didn't speak Anglo-Saxon in the Bible times.

Anyway there is one witch in the Bible, and one alone. Not much of a problem then it would seem. The witch of Endor raised up Samuel and questioned him.  Necromancy. By any standards a neat trick. They don't even do that on The Mentalist.

One of the great witches is the one we all know, Medea, from Jason and the Argonauts. Jason looks rather indecisive in the film and so he was. He later left Medea for someone better. He upgraded.

"In a world where the gods are all-powerful, impotent, or simply absent, an all female chorus gather to the sound of a haunting soundtrack to tell the tale they have told a thousand times before, and play the parts of the vengeful Medea and her once heroic Jason, who has abandoned her for the arms of a younger Queen."