I really like Blip FM. I like playing favourite tracks. I can't alwats think of something succint to say so I ask questions based on old books lying around. This is supposed to entertain some of my fellow DJs. If you ask the right question, your fellows will sometimes award you a point. I usually forget the answer as soon as I pose the question, so I am going to use a page of the website to list the questions and answers.



Where was the Welsh Roswell?


Which police force investigated the London Monster?

Bow Street Runners

Which London Underground station was or is haunted by the ghost of an ancient Egyptian?

British Museum

Where if the lost City of Pillars?

Rub' al Khali

Which road kick-started the Loch Ness Monster era?

A 82

Can you name one of the demons that Jeanne des Anges claimed to have possessed her?

Asmodeus, Zabulon

What did you have to miss for seven years in order to be come a French werewolf?

Easter Mass


Brown Windsor Soup

How many Ivy League universities are there?


What gift is sent on the third day of Christmas?

Three French hens.

My day closed is in immortality. What year?


In the argot of the English underworld how much is a pony?


What is a NIMBY?

Not in my back yard.

What is the third degree of Freemasonry?

Master Mason

Who is Blowers on Test Match Special?

Henry Blofeld

What is a kakistocracy?

Government by the worst

What kind of books will you find between 100 and 199?


What was the fourth Carry On film?

Carry On, Constable


What are the odds on getting a flush?

508 - 1

What colour is E175?



A New Day Yesterday

The wages of sin is death. What book of the Bible does that come from?


Where was Paradise placed on 9th century maps?


What races made human sacrifices to the Earth Goddess, Tari Pennu?


Some people earthquakes are caused by Muha-Pudma. What is Muha-Pudma?

A monstrous elephant.