Torture has a mediaeval quality. There various museums of torture and they are supposed to be horrifying. In fact they are. Time travelling to the past is a bad idea. Ask anyone. But nevertheless Torture has a contemporary feel as it is in the news.

Now torture can be in the news, but when people engage in it privately they are asking for trouble. You can go to prison. And guess what? Once in prison you are supposed to be abused not only by the warders but by your fellow prisoners. Meanwhile, outside, anyone who spares you a thought is thinking, "Good enough. It's what you deserve."

Then when your life is over some people believe you go to a place of eternal torment arranged and condoned by the God of Love. What a world!

And more than that even, if you do not engage in torture but write about it as a private person, you are also in trouble. Because you will be labelled with words such as sick and twisted. The next thing you know they will seize your computer and find 200 grams of heroin on your hard drive.


Anyway we have nothing to do with torture. We do not condone it. We are scared stiff of it. We just hear about it on the news. Every day.


These women roman north and central France. They roast the feet of their victims to extract the location of valuables.



Something for people in the Middle East apparently. Not round here, mate.