Revenge! What a theme! They loved it back in the day, the Elizabethan Day. And the greatest play of all, Hamlet. Quite a few revenge films too. You killed my mother. You killed my father. You killed my whole people. Who doesn't understand that? Who would want Conan to let it go? In our heart of hearts, we don't believe in justice in the next life. We don't believe that the legal system will provide it either. In our hearts we're all Vikings. We have to sort things out ourselves.

The Last Action Hero takes a swipe at revenge films by requiring Jack Slater to take revenge for his favourite second cousin.

A favourite film where the hero takes revenge because the bad guys wounded him, just wounded him, is Game of Death. In that film Bruce Lee kills everyone in the gang for that.

The Cinema of Revenge

Lady Vengeance starring Yeong-ae Lee.