Just When You Thought It Was Sage To Come Out

You thought religion was over and out, but now it's all over the place, lake an eruption of fungus in the hidden recesses of your bathroom.

Religion could have been a good thing, but they had to commercialise it, the way they do it. The had to flex it into the shape of pyramid with middle-management people four fifths of the way up the incline. You get the impression they know it all backward, a modest Judas Priest joke. But they don't. They can only read English and they can't even read Chaucer.

Well, I am always making profound discoveries about religion. This is my discovery for today. God is not God's name which is convenient as it is not wise to utter it. The word god comes from good, and was chosen because it was a good name for God.

One name for God which the people of the something or other used was Yah-weh, deliberately spelled wrong. In fact the more letters in the name of God the closer you are to the big prize. Some people transcribe the Yah part as Jah.

So far so good. I have a big book of the names of all the gods and goddesses. So far I have only studied the first one. His name is Aah. I wasn't impressed with it when I started a group on Aah. Never mind, non importa.

Today I looked up Aah on Wikipedia. He is not listed under Aah but Iah. And the alternates are Yah or Jah. Coincidence of what?

Aah was a god of the Moon to the Egyptians, but as time marched on his identified because submerged in the syncretism of the Egyptian dynasties.

So now we know.