One of the words that has fluttered into my consciousness is ponerology. I think people are using it in various ways. But I recall that it has something to do with the lesser evils.


Looking at the Daily Mirror, I see plenty of shock horror stories which are very entertaining, but I do not know if we have a very good set of priorities for what is worse and what is not so bad. I think invading a country for selfish reasons and then lying about it is pretty bad, especially if you kill a lot of civilians and then try to gotget about it. Bill Hicks used to reference Jack Palance in the film Shane taunting a farmer to pick up a gun. If we keep evil Jack Palance in mind, then we can see that many people who have filled up the Daily Mirror or Chat magazine are not in the same class.


Ponerology looks at the women who did a bad thing, but were not quite in the Jack Palance class.