Without knowing much at all about any other country, I dare to say that the UK is probably the most secular of all countries. Britons, so I guess, have little down for fundamental Christianity from the US nor Stone-the-Woman festivals from the Middle East.
As a non-spiritual person, I can say that the only useful part of BDSM is that a small percentage of it might usefully tend to see something religious in the veneration of women. This was done long ago when the world was more innocent and I doubt i can be reproduced in modern times. But a tendency to gynolatry does not harm, I feel.
Certainly a large number of people might agree that Mother Nature emblematic of the Earth on which we live deserves a modicum of respect. Opposed to the admirers of Gaea are those clever people who are working so hard to inflict irreversible damage on the Earth. Camlle Paglia would say it is the opposition between Kali and Apollo.
The clever men are Apollonians who believe they can master the Earth as they would master a woman. Camille Paglia would say that the tighter the Apollonions grip the Earth, the more Kali is likely to slip out like a ravening beastie and terrorise the planet.
As I said, I'm not spirituial, not religious, but I daily view the news in terms of this quasi-religious opposition. Each day news agencies bring me details of the new weapon developments, the new space satellites and the worrying progeny of a burgeoning military expenditure. That's for Apollo. Every day I get the news about the floods, the volcanoes, the mysterious animal deaths and the great plans gone awry. That's Kali,



Left Leaning

  • Brazilians vote Sunday in a presidential run-off widely expected to reaffirm support for the leftist Workers Party and elect Dilma Rousseff as the first female leader of Latin America's biggest country.

  • Wednesday

    Resigned To It

    Bulgaria's Health Minister Anna-Maria Borisova has resigned unexpectedly, amidst heated public debates on the fate of health care reforms in the country.

    Borisov is stepping down only a few months after she took over from her predecessor Bozhidar Nanev, who resigned at the end of March 2010 over a conflict of interest investigation.


    from the Sofia News Agency


    Sheikh Rattle and ROle

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday said Bangladesh took initiatives to expose to trial the perpetrators of 1971 crimes against humanity in line with Rome Statute to ensure justice as she addressed the 65th UN General Assembly here.

    "I believe that only justice can heal the unforgivable, deadly offences of the past," she told the annual meet of the world leaders at the highest global forum.

    Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh established an International Crimes Tribunal to try perpetrators of crimes like genocide, arson and rape committed during the Liberation War in accordance with the rule of law as reflected in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC).


    In Harman's Way

    Harriet Harman got a storming welcome from hundreds of Labour women as she returned to her job as deputy leader, and warned they were "on the march again" for better representation within the party.

    Joined by two Labour women who have lost out on top jobs this week - leadership contender Diane Abbott and London mayoral hopeful Oona King - she said she was determined to increase the number of women at the top.