There are more powerful men than there are powerful women. Nevertheless I do know the names of quite a few powerful women, If you say the name of someone I have heard of, then I think it's common knowledge. Five points, If you mentioned someone that I have not heard of, that I had to look up, then that would be interesting, So a higher score,


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Just An Idea

Some time back I started a group called Pedestalisation. The idea was that people would suggest females who deserved to be arised up, as it were, and placed on pedestals. This was not an especially rousing idea. I don't think any suggestions were posted. This led me to the theory that men, might be interested in females but were reluctant to give them any praise or credit. I have collected anecdotal evidence from ten thousand fora that men are more concerned with acts than with personalities. They are interested in what a woman can do for them rather than the woman herself.