Murder seems a terrible crime to me. I have a horror of it. An alien studying our culture might think it is the iconic act given the prominence we give to murder in our media.


Yet governments seem to commit graver crimes with less opprobrium, a strange thing. What is the deed of a lone murderess compared to that of one nation invading another for no discernible reason?

Lorraine Thorpe

"A teenage girl in Britain, who became the youngest female double murderer after she killed her dad and a woman when she was just 15, has been jailed for life.

Lorraine Thorpe, now 16, was convicted of murdering Rosalyn Hunt and her dad Desmond last August alongside accomplice Paul Clarke."




"The toughest test the dead faced was interrogation by 42 divine judges to whom one had to plead innocence of a long list of offenses. Among these was murder, of which Queen Nodjmet was definitely guilty. Amazingly, the BM has an incriminating letter on show beside her Book of the Dead."

from Bloomberg News

Susan Polk


Yes, living in an ivory tower, it is easy to avoid hatred. Even my distaste for Simon Cowell doesn't constitute a murderous hatred.