The Gods Look Down

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I have heard that there is a correlation between power and sex, but my idiosyncratic view is that there is a false connection.
Sex in advertisement. So we hear. But you can buy all the stuff you want from television ads it won't get you any nearer to coitus or procreation. Sex itself can be sterile, but something that never gets to or seldom gets to sex isn't sex.
Sexy is a shot-hand term for attractive, but if it means an invitation to sex, then it's usually misapplied.
You sometimes see a pose in photos where the woman seems to be saying "Hey, I am genuinely inviting you, the viewer, to have sex with me." Ironically I tend to dismiss those shots as being unattractive.
It's easy to say that Lady Carole captures attractive women in various positions and of various ages; and many people would say they are sexy, but I would say they are the opposite of sex.
Without thinking too deeply I would say they are emasculating. They are in the tradition of Cybele whose admirers whipped themselves into a frenzy before being castrated.
This is not the road of sex or even death. Neither God nor the Devil. It's another path. I call it Kalienne,



Great White

A shark can have up to three thousand teeth in its jaws at any one time.


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Heavy Hitter

Kali is a big deal for us, Goddess of Cemetery and all. I believe she makes an appearance in one of the Sinbad films. She is important to us in these modern times because she dances on her husband. One day she will go too far and that will be the end for us.