Batter Up

Some amazing people win medals in different sports at the Olympics. Some talanted folk find success in singing and acting, William Shatner, for one.

With regard to the divisions of sthenography, some femmes turn up all over the place. Hot news about Britain's favourite mobile-thrower.

"Clad in black leather and stilettoed heels, the supermodel’s gory, kinky photo shoot also reflects strong sado-masochistic themes. The tiled walls and floors, suggesting either an insane asylum or bathroom, are bloodstained."




That Is Cricket

"Nearly £400 was raised for Wessex Cancer Trust during the event at which TV gardener Charlie Dimmock presented the trophies to the man of the match and winning captain."




From The Sublime to the Ridiculous

There was something religious about an icon. Now it seems to mean someone in a poster. Some religions do not like you to oput images of people on the wall. After all people have feet of clay.




Bettie Page