Humiliation is a feeling. I suppose an old natural one. Some people suffer from it, and is usually the case some people have found ways to take pleasure from it.

"A man in high heels failed in an attempt to outrun Oklahoma City police today.

Authorities said they arrested a man dressed in women's clothing, and he faces a charge of first-degree burglary.

Police said the crime began when a woman awoke and found a man dressed in women's clothing standing over her bed."


It turns out this man was the former son-in-law of the woman he stole from. 


I reported to the teacher's lounge for tutoring.  I knocked and entered.  My Latin teacher was seated at a large meeting table in the room.  Across the table sat the young platinum haired secretary from the school office with a  freshly lit Parliament in a large green ashtray.  My teacher invited me to sit beside her, and we went to work.  I was transfixed by the elegant beauty of the haughty secretary and her cigarette.  She soon picked up her cigarette and twisted its tip against the ashtray to sculpt it to a point.  I thought it was a waste.  That ash belonged on my eager tongue.   In countless "fantasy" scenes in tshe future this lady mercilessly ashed my tongue as she enslaved me.....this was my significant lady.

by Smoke Slave