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This Skeleton Girls website is the latest in a line of failed Internet projects. However dainty the Girls try to be, they are always offending someone who has the power of the button or the switch. I think it was Patriarchy that gave Matriarchy a bad name.


The Blunt Edge

I am not at the cutting edge of Internet developments. I lag behind by a couple of years. I suffer from an inability to master concepts and what Neil calls technofear. Every day my favourite News channel tells me to fear everything, but sometimes I just go ahead and click something, run something, download something.


Anyway this is supposed to be good. I don't know if it is good. But you have to press a button to find out if it is good.



Goodie Goodie

The Yahoo group system was once as liberal as you could possibly want. Then something happened. The CEO spoke out for free speech and the like. Two days later Yahoo went into reverse mode, what we have taken to calling Reverse Ferret, thanks to Private Eye.

You could expect all that during the Bush years. But Obama was supposed to make a change. Oh no, things have actually become more problematic since Obama came to power.

Yahoo has two kinds of groups, open and adult. Adult is meant for the triple X stuff, but Yahoo routinely consigns groups to the adult section for no known reason, and no explanation is ever forthcoming, even if you ask nicely.

My guess, and I always have loads of guesses, not just one, is that they do not want to offend Miss Podsnap, who she?.

The point for me is that Google cannot find a group that has been termed adult.

I hate and despise adult groups. I hate and despise adults and their puerile interests in intimacy and nothing else whatsoever ever. All adults have no interests or knowledge or stem cells outside of rumpy pumpy as Blackadder has it. Adults are a waste of space. And nothing will get better till they all die in a bizarre lift accident.

I learnt everything and found out everything by the time I was ten. Afterwards I never learned anything. So the only kind of group that is any use to me is the open group.

I have no time for sex, relationshipss, love, intimacy, human contact, nudity, smoking, alcohol, drugs, legal or otherwise, suberting the American constitution, using harsh language, racial, religious or height prejudice.

I am only interested in open Yahoo groups that can be found by Google.

Out Of The Blue

The streets are shrouded in darkness and the
Fireflies, flickering fretfully forlorn,
Sputter around the lampposts of my mind.

I walk, mindless of the bloody streams that are
Shivering, slowly slipping sideways,
Through the sprite invested alleys of my soul.

The voices call out to come play in the dark
Whispering wretchedly wicked words,
That only the dead and doomed can hear.

Skeleton birds fly high with immortal wings,
Determination daunting despairing dastards
From sour and rotting remains of the past.

This place is one which you do not speak,
Fearing frightful flagellation forever
With dying flowers of scarlet to adorn your grave.

My mind, now a prison of sorrows, plays
Torturous transparent trivial tricks,
Wrapping me in a veil of senseless sanity.



What a surprise! In my mail was a poem. The origin of this website was a poetry zine. I put an ad in Melody Maker or some such many years ago for a zine called Roisin Dubh. I had more contributions from that one ad than I could possibly eat. I still have many uncounted piles of poems, short stories and play scripts in the endless servants' quarters upstairs.

But this is the first poem I have received on-line in many yonks, perhaps three yonks.



I've long opposed DJs in preference to live music. But now I am one. Help me get a badge by signing up with DJ wesbite Blip FM.


I can assure you that it is a lot of fun.

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Skeleton Girls

Skeleton Girls has been around for a long while but has suffered vicissitudes and grown ragged. Ultimately it derives from a throwaway invention in Fritz Lieber's Our Lady Of Darkness, a compelling read. Once Skeleton Girls or Knochenmädchen was a poetry zine which also included artwork, photography and fiction. Zines were fun and pleasing artifacts, but the means of production could never be relied upon. The Net seemed the logical place to extend the reach of the macabre ideas of the zine ethos, but the Net didn't turn out to be sweetness and light. In fact the Internet seems to live, like humanity, on the edge of oblivision. Anyway this is another attempt to establish our history on-line. For the longest time the Skelton Girls have clung to the coat tails of Gothic culture and inevitably fetishism. But there was a longing to carve out a tiny space that was unique. But for that you need a word. Only recently we have hit on the word Sthenography, which I take to mean writing about the desire to look apon the face of the Medusa.
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