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This Skeleton Girls website is the latest in a line of failed Internet projects. However dainty the Girls try to be, they are always offending someone who has the power of the button or the switch. I think it was Patriarchy that gave Matriarchy a bad name.


Fun Fun Fun

Skeleton Girls has a lot of groups or e-groups on Yahoo. Usually membership is open until the group reaches a hundred members and then membership is moderated. With the exception of the Electric Chair group, it's rare to get any posts that I didn't write myself or indeed replies that I didn't write myself. New members are asked to post something, but it rare that anyone does, with the exception of Germans. So we end up with a cauldron full of hot water and no vegetables, 

To decide if a new members gets in, you look at the brief comment they append when they first apply. Today someone said "This looks like fun". Ah! But what does fun mean these days. Does fun not mean congress or Ugandan Affairs? 


What If I Push This Button

You have to have the button before you know what it will do.



What! Me Worry?

One map predicting future climate patterns for the world seemed to indicate that many arid regions including the Sahara would receive more rainfall. This seems like a good thing. Not all of Asia will benefit, but the Russians will be happy to have the perma-frost eased and the Arctic coastline available, The only continent that's really in trouble is North America, but fortunately most of the people living there donot believe in global warming.



Everyone is eager to learn the results of the American elections for a variety of reasons. The two houses, the Senate and the House of representatives, are expected to shift to the right, hamstringing President Obama's ambitions. Some of the Fox-backed Tea Party candidates are female and seem more than usually Alice in Wonderland. Ann Coulter has shown the way by depicting a Liberal politician as a little girl in a party dress. In future I don't think any male can stand up and say "I am Democrat".


One To One

It is pleasant to have a discussion. There was a time when I used to pound the keys and engage in postal exchange, an Old World thing to do. I have a filing cabinet in the garage filled with belle lettres, poetry and short stories. Boxes and files in the attic filled with similar. 

Electronic mail is faster and cheaper. I;m not sure if my hand could write what it used to, as quickly and as neatly as I used to. Now my dexterity is tied up in keyboard skills.

One to one is fine, personal, private, to a degree. However it's nice to have an audience where more than two people can take part in debate, pool ideas and add to the lore. I really don't have access to a discussion group where I can usefully get involved. That makes for a certain kind of icy solitude.