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This Skeleton Girls website is the latest in a line of failed Internet projects. However dainty the Girls try to be, they are always offending someone who has the power of the button or the switch. I think it was Patriarchy that gave Matriarchy a bad name.


Tagged By Death

In the late 90s there seemed to be more creativity and generosity amongst Gothic and macabre Net users. But it's hard to maintain contact with mint contributors. Recently manipulator Toe Tag has started contributing to two of our groups. 

Ha! Ha! Toe Tag started to contributing to some of my groups. Then they made our groups adult so they couldn't be found. Then they wrote a letter to Toe Tag saying he was a bad man.

But we are only reflecting the society we live in. This is what they are showing us on the television and in the films.


Stephen Fry

Obviously when I heard that Twitter was being used by Stephen Fry I suspected that the service was naff. However I am changing my mind because I like widgets so much.





Aftermath of Bonfire Night

The hills were alive with the sound of Guys burning. You let your fireworks off when all other families have gone to bed.

Isn't it great how they re-make every film that ever existed. It's time they re-made Enter The Streetfighter.



Well, I Don't Agree

There's a popular Hammer Horror view of Satanism, but modern Satanists are often very philosophical and serious. In fact Satanists may very well be a group that advocates freedom over restriction. As I have said before, I have to be careful with words because some words are tarnished. Certainly we can all welcome a breath of fresh air to Irish television.
John McCain was certainly going to be sympathetic to a military viewpoint. He wouldn't shy away from conflict. The US services and agencies take the brightest and the best from the American gene pool. There's no lack of intelligence and sophistication. But I believe that geopolitics is like the weather, too complex for even the brightest and the best. American decision makers have made choices but they have not been able to foresee the consequences. I don't think there's an American out these who understands Viet-nam even to this day.
I've never heard anyone who connected Black Sabbath with Goth culture, even though it seems obvious. Goth music such as Bauhaus derives from punk minimalism, so in essence it was at odds with music virtuosity. Still some commentators have seen Sabbath chord structures and motifs as underlying several modern music forms. The band has generally been critically despised, probably because it's the opposite end of the spectrum from the joy associated with music and dance.
As you say, dominance and submission, in practice, seem very far from the dictionary definitions. I don't see those words as being useful any more. There's a world of difference between a naturally dominant person and someone who offers dominatrix services, I believe the same for the submissive personality. Submissives are not people with a submissive personality.
When it comes to e-mails I doubt I could be given the creeps. I am saying that many people shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to making contact with others. I use Tagged where my profile attracts a lot of first time e-mails. I'd say 95% of that mail is lemming mail from writers who announce their loser status from the first few words. It is amazing really.
With regard to America, it's not really clear who calls the shots. Iran is a country that the US does not understand. The CIA meddled with Iranian democracy in the early 1950s by bringing down a man who did understand his own country. Everything since has come from that meddling. But there is never a Mea Culpa from these chess players. I agree the US army cannot hold territory. The may end up with a Shia arc from Turkey to Indonesia.
The left is associated with the aspirations of the working class. Most European have a strong tradition of left wing politics. Countries like Spain, Italy, France even Germany have traditions of strong political rivalry between the right and the left. As far as I can see there is no left wing politics in the States. It-s even a shameful thing in the States to be a Liberal.
We see other cultures rising through economic vigour, but Anglo-Saxon values are in the structure of how the world works. The West worked as an idea when the Soviets were in place, but I don't think the West means anything now. In a hundred years all the WASPs may be dead but the world will still be swearing in Anglo-Saxon.
I'm a racist and deeply prejudiced, but I have always got on best with foreigners, Mexicans, French-Canadians, Italians Poles, Hungarians, Finns, Japanese. Educated foreigners seem to have a philosophical and intellectual aspect, whereas Anglo-Saxons are anti-cultural and anti-intellectual.
Hatred is an exhausting emotion and I don't come people who hate in any recognisable form. I think if people feel powerless then they will exaggerate a great deal on-line, I indulge in hyperbole myself.
I keep a critical eye on the US because the US makes the decisions that effect the world. China may become a superpower but it has nowhere to go. It is buying up the third world at the moment, especially in Africa where they are building everything, but no-one will ever get a permanent foothold in Africa. The Chinese can't move north, east, south or west. A new equilibrium of balanced world power will eventually appear.
from an e-mail to a Net contact



My Considered Response

I think most cultures have significant pornographic works of art of which they are proud. It may be only the Judaeo-Christian tradition that has a real attitude to the works of the Whore of Babylon. I think Anglo-Saxons more than any other race have a neurotic attitude to sex. My work on-line is about purging sex and sex-related vocabulary from the debate, but outside I could easily defend it as being human and life-positive.
Well, the Satanic Sluts are famous for their involvement in Sachsgate. I'd take issue with the word Satanic and with the word Sluts. Neither word is very helpful to me.
If we think that Goth culture has its roots in Byron, Poe, Stoker, Vampira and the Sisters of Mercy, then I am all for it. But there is recent strain that tries to connect Goth with promiscuity. In our modern media being sexually enticing is a winner, but being promiscuous is a bad thing.
Let people do what they wish. They will anyway. But some aspects of fetish play are not for everyone. Not everyone wants to watch the Saw series. Not everyone wants to spend their life in a urinal. If there's an image do not like, then I don't want to see it. I'm concerned with judicial torture but I don't want a Goya canvas on the wall. Sometimes a person can be so enthusiastic about their own obsession, that they cannot see that they put people off, alienate them. A person could be chatting on-line with a dominant female and suddenly something will be said to switch the conversation off, a touch of creepiness.
Well, McCain did do the Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran song courtesy of the Beachboys. That was on You Tube for a while till they took it down.
Well, we live in interesting times. The US is withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2012 we can presume that the Democrats won't retain the Presidency. Will an economically weakened America be less aggressive? We shall see.
I'm not sure that people in the West are listening to anyone who is anti-Western. There may be people out there who are anti-Western, but they don't have a platform. With regard to secret stuff, we do know they are not going to tell us any secrets, so we can fill in the blanks with our own imaginings. After fifty years they release documents so we can find out what happened.
The Truth Movement is regarded as insane by the media. We have to accept that. As I said I like mysteries and I don-t need them to be solved.
I was brought up to have an abhorrence of totalitarian regimes. I still feel the same way. I guess we all know which country we would feel most comfortable in. My prediction is that the Hispanic birth rate in the US will eventually drive some affluent Americans to other lands.
from an e-mail I sent to a correspondent