Slip Stream

Aussie singer Kylie Minogue still managed a stunning performance on X Factor despite slipping in her silver Louboutins. Kylie took to the stage on yesterday's results show in a red flapper dress and killer heels. But although her shoes looked good, she slipped in them as she was dancing across the stage.



Another Count

I don't know much about these pop divas but there are more than enough. The Daily Mail says Christina Aguilera looks as glamorous as ever as she poses for Redbook magazine in an off-the-shoulder black mini dress and high heeled boots.



Obviously no-one should wear high heels for reasons of health and safety, not political correctness. Nevertheless we all fear that moment when a celebrity decides that enough is enough and the high heels have to be hung up or auctioned to a priority charity.

"Mariah Carey may be pregnant but she's not about to hang up her high heels just yet. The ever-glamorous 41-year-old trotted onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday wearing sky-high suede platforms with a figure-hugging black lace dress. Aghast at her seven-inch heels, DeGeneres offered a more practical alternative: pink fluffy mules with sparkly heels."




March of Folly

Everyone knows that high heels are dangerous and kill more people than traffic accidents. In some countries unnecessary shoes carry a government health warning.


"Victoria Beckham, the Posh Spice, because she is better known, she feels dependent on high heels. I can not concentrate in an apartment The Eponymous Spice Girl said in a recent interview. Victoria is always news for skyscraper heels innovative and courageous Choo shoes designed by the likes of designer Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy."