If they don't want you, you can do what you like. If they do want you, it is pointless to worry whether you are guilty or innocent of any crime. You may as well know that everything is a crime. Everything that you do is an act of rebellion. Darkseid is still looking for the anti-life formula, but major anti-life equations are already in the hands of the authorities.

OK, so there is an actor who is probably the biggest box office draw at the moment. I mean, this actor can carry a film himself and draw acrowd whatever the film is about. So you have to guess about that.

This actor has offspring of indeterminate age and gender who has just released a first single which is about hair. It is legfal for them to release that record but it it not legal for you to think about that at all, so don't do it.

Crossfire by Lord Darcy


As Much Gold As You Can Eat

Hair is important, more important than gold. It is strength and attitude.