Most men are natural bachelors like most male mammals. It is a rare thing for a male to have a girlfriend. It is a scary thing too. For social reasons of status a man is often relieved to have a girlfriend, but more relieved to see the back of her.

Another problem for men is their lack of social skills and basic hygiene. In order to be attractive to women, a man needs some social skills, but only a woman can impart these arcane secrets to him. It is a circle of some kind, though hardly vicious.

Any woman will admit that it is hard work to socialise a male. It can only be done in the first few hours of a relationship. Even then you can only modify behaviour, never personality, though the CIA has given it their best shot. Personality is formed by the age of two which is why the mother child relationship is the only one that matters.


Red Lounge by Lord Darcy