I have never seen myself or even heard of them, but the Ilsa films have provoked a lot of controversry. Were the Germans really as bad as that? It is hard to believe. Amazingly the actress Dyanne Thorne is not German as you might imagine, but all-American. Check out the film Real Men where she plays the part of a man.



"It is quite astonishing the number of people she met, interviewed and socialised with on a face-to face basis. When she was in London she went to see Churchill at Chartwell. In Nuremberg she was part of a select group that had tea with Hitler, Himmler, Goring Goebbels and Heydrich. She was taken flying in a two-seater plane over Tripoli by Air Marshal Italo Balbo in person. In Rome she was given an interview with Mussolini."

about Virginia Cowles



Not In The Gestapo

"German politician Erika Steinbach has ruffled more feathers in Poland after insulting distinguished Polish politician Władysław Bartoszewski live on German television, leading to hurried diplomatic firefighting by senior German politicians.

Speaking on the German television station ARD, Ms Steinbach said that the two-time minister of foreign affairs and Poland's current commissioner for German-Polish relations “has a bad character; I say with with no ifs or buts.”

from the Warsaw Business Journal

Erika gets in the news a fair bit. Recently she suggested that the Poles started World War II citing the fact that the Poles mobilised in 1938.


Chequered Flag

As far as I know there were no women in the Gestapo. However it still seems to excite some people, that there might have been. According to the press even some senior figures in the sporting world have more than a passing interest in the women of the Gestapo. 

Let's add the SS here. There's even less chance that there were any women in the SS. The former was Hitler's private police. The latter was Hitler's private army.

Anyway they are both very scary. In films today unless your villain has been hand-crafted by Giger, the Gestapo and the SS continue to be the scariest villains. Cruel, efficient, precise, with an almost fanatical devotion to the, no, not Pope, to the Fuhrer.

Gestapo Girl Cult