What We Do Not Understand

I have never seen so muhc vitriol poured on a dead body in an old bath,as on the Obamas. On the plus side Michelle Obama is responsible for 2.7 billion dollars in clothing sales. What is that about?



Here Comes The Rain

I really like the rain. If it's not raining, I worry that it never will. I am not worried about forty days of rain because I do not have the practical skills to build an ark. I feel sorry for the people who won't see anymore rain thanks to Global Warming.





It is a major event when a celebrity dons a cutsuit. It is tantamount to saying I am Catwoman. I am vain. I am evil. Or not.

We now hear that Keira Knightley, most famous for an appearance on The Bill, has donned a camel-coloured catsuit. She also played the part of Guinevere in the 2004 King Arthur.