The Name Of The Rose

A rose by any other name. I don't agree with that. The name matters. Rolls Royce found that out when they tried to sell the Silver Mist in Germany.

No, there are some words that won't do. Some words are in and some are out. And some are asteroidal.

Anyway the word we are working on is fundament, a word which seems fundamentally important to the American idiom. Beware your idioms, because what was once merely figurative can become painfully literal. Indeed.

Now a tilt at the double standards of society and the media. In recent years the media has been flaunting the female fundament as if it were now socially acceptable to talk about it. Leading us on. But then in private, they are banning poor individuals from free experssion and making them feel like dastardly criminals.

That's not cricket, old boy.

Divine Posterior Cult