Another Useless Word

Fascism has something to do with bundles of sticks tied together. You might call those bundles faggots if you have no common sense. It's an Italian word in origin. Mussolini liked to think of himself as the senior partner in the Axis. 

Fascism has something to do with being proud of your country, so proud that you'll gladly get rid of minorities to tidy it up. The political process also involves having a useful mob of young men to bully dissenters. 

Fascism tends to benefit people in the lower middle class. So Fascism is not quite the one-for-all and all-for-one approach of Jesus, the kibbutz and the idealistic Communist state. And it's not quite the capitalist, plutocratic, aristocratic Paradise either. 

Anyway it's not a good thing to be a Fascist and I am definitely not one. However if someone doesn't agree with you, you can call them a Fascist. Everyone does it. So the word is meaningless really. 

Karl Marx wasn't a Fascist. Nor Jesus. Nor Nelson Mandela.