Another Two Bite The Dust

An al-Shabab firing squad killed the two girls Wednesday in the city of Beledweyne, on charges that they had spied for the government. Hundreds of people watched the execution after al-Shabab called on the town’s residents to observe.


Big Time

"A photo of a little-known World War II spy who sang for Adolf Hitler while concealing secret documents in her knickers is to be sold at auction.

Wigan-born Margery Booth was a renowned singer with the Berlin Opera after moving to Germany before the war.

She was allowed to perform for British prisoners of war and, unknown to the Nazis, ferried secret information out."



Down On Maggie's Farm

"She has been on the run for the last three years from the Division, the blandly named shadowy operation that taught her a kabillion ways to snuff a life, though CW seems to recognise the star’s ability to stop hearts in slinky dresses and skimpy lingerie."



Back In Business

We thought the cloak and dagger business belonged to a uncommiserated and paranoid past. Modern spies are in the news and seem less competent than Smiley's People.

"Alba Luz Florez revealed in her confession to authorities, which was published Saturday, that her superiors in the Administrative Department of Security (DAS) ordered her to spy on the magistrates and link them to activities of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, one of the oldest Marxist-Leninist guerrilla group active in latin America since 1964.

For her assignment, she revealed, she posed as a cosmetic salesperson, dated the police captain and became friends with two other police officers and a female janitorial employee at the high court so that she could eventually plant a small recording device under the justices' meeting table in the court's Full Chamber."