Role Play

A hulking hitman was accused of scamming a delusional dominatrix and her wealthy businessman lover out of more than $100,000 in a role-playing fantasy, a Toronto jury heard Thursday.




Domino Effect

You have to be careful with words. A dominant woman is, I suppose, another way of saying an aphala woman, a natural tribal leader. But if the word dominatrix gets into the media, the word seems to conjure up cards in the phone booths, toys in the cupboard, and, ultimately, the professional word for bawd. That's not the direction we want to go in. As we know from the film Taken, behind every profitable woman is a group of louche Albanian guys.

Dominant Woman


Photo by Lord Darcy


I think all men should be submissive to shop assistants. They should always leave a tip.

Dominated by Shop Assistatants