The Inedible

Some right-wing politician has sparked controversy by saying he finds Gay Parades disgusting. Even other right-wing politicians have been quick to back away from the comments. But bold Ann Coulter has leapt to the man's defence saying Carl Paladino is a great warrior. It would be nice if they just handed the Presidency to Ann without the fuss of an election just to find out what she would do to gays. My guess is she would turn them into Democrat sissies and force them to wear pink party frocks.


The Things They Do

You gain your equilibrium and life starts to make a modicum of sense. then, out of the blue sky thinking, they change something. It burns you up, but even a letter to the Radio Times won't change anything, You're expected to grin and bear it. But it remains a thorn in your flesh. Eventually you end up covered in thorns.


Why did they cut Carol Vorderman's salary by 90% and force her to quit Countdown? Name these evil men, Put them in the stocks.