"A false flag will help cover up the incompetence of the Delhi Games and use the venue to create sympathy for Bharat. The Delhi Games are being used to point fingers at Pakistan so that Delhi can achieve its nefarious objectives. India implicates Pakistan days before the Commonwealth Games begin – back up plan blame Pakistan for it’s own failings or is this yet another opportunity to disgrace Pakistan?"



Since 9/11 I have seen various false flag predictions that didn't happen. I suppose it is time to mention the Boy Who Cried Wolf. I did see something interesting on a documentary about Britain's terrorist experience on the underground. They mentioned an attack of some kind in Egypt that was reported in Anglo-American as being planned by Al Qaeda. But in the rest of the world press, they said the attack was carried out by Mossad. One story for the WASPS and another for the foreigners.



They are never going to tell us the truth. Never. As we know very little, it does ease the anxiety to make it up. Many unanswered questions about 9/11. Our precious free press will never raise these questions let alone answer them.

FEMA, the aptly named disaster agency, planned an exercise in New York, an exercise involving terrorits, on the day terrorists apparently struck. A few days after the asbestos rich complex had been reduced to specky specks, FEMA gave the all clear. New York was once again free to breathe the air.

"The serious impact of 9/11 on the health of New Yorkers was both immediate and long-term. Those affected include not only first responders and emergency personnel, but also schoolchildren and residents of the entire lower Manhattan region. Over 13,000 WTC responders are sick and receiving treatment. Nearly 53,000 responders are enrolled in medical monitoring, and approximately 71,000 individuals are enrolled in the WTC Health Registry, indicating that they were exposed to the toxins and that their health could be negatively impacted."