I'll give you an interesting example of strange censorship. When the Bush administration came to power I started a group called George W Bush and Dick Cheney. These groups attracted few members and no posts. They survived as open groups for many years, until I happened to mention on another board the strange lack of posts to these groups on public figures. The next day the Cheney group was gone and a few days later the George Bush one was made an adult group. I'm not objecting to this behaviour but I find it quirky.
If a group can't be accessed by Google then the assumption is that it is an adult group and therefore concerned with sex which is to say pornography.
That's why I try to have nothing to do with sex and sex languages on my groups. Of course the Electric Chair group is different to that ground rule, but it's the only active group I know of.

A Rose By Any Other Name

I set up a group for an unusual Christian name or forename. To my surprise many people joined. Then I learned that it was the name of someone who was well known for her exotique work. Unsurprisingly they changed into an adult group. I'm retaining the name of that group to remind me who this Xenya is.


How Dare She?

I launched a group about Julia Ormond the other day. I liked her in the Miss Smilla film, then recently in Surveillance. The Powers adultified the group within hours even though the group had no content or members. I now discover that Julia Ormond is behind legislation to make slavery illegal.


White Is The New Black

One of the areas where I have experienced censorship is when trying to explore aspects of the African-American experience. Any message board I have set up has either been deleted without notification or relegated to the grown-up section which cannot be located by Google search engine.

Eve when I have substituted the word black with the understandable term ebony, the same thing has happened, even when a message board has no content. It is strange. There are no explanations. It's my presence that when Barack Obaa became President the level of censorship intensifed.


Iman by Lord Darcy