The Purr perfume bottle is shaped like a kitten, and the ad campaign sees the California Girl Katy Perry dressed as Catwoman in a polyvinyl catsuit, complete with a long, slinky tail.

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Catwoman has been in the comics since the 1940s, but it was Julie Newmar's performance in the Tv series that defined the dangerous and delicious appeal of the character. No doubt about it, Catwoman was evil. She was also vain. She seemed to encapsulate that she-demon of which the Bible goes out of its way to warn us. Michelle Pfeiffer stepped up to the plate and solidified the fatal enigma in Batman Returns. Although we do not need origin stories and we do not need weak endings will loads of penguins threatening to explode. One reason that the Catwoman film was critically labasted was that Halle Berry's Catwoman was good, a heroine. That's like turning Darth Vader into the Lone Ranger.


As there's a possibility that there will be a third Batman film with the current team, there has been speculation as to whether the character of Catwoman will feature. And if so who could play her. I have just seen a speculation to whether Blake Lively of Gossip Girls might get the call from Gotham.

Batman Returns


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