British Steel

British bikes are the best in the world which is why they no longer make them. British bikesr do not die so easily as their Danish cousins or end up in prisons as their American counterparts. These Japanese bikes are of high quality but are made by a people who do not know what they are for? Italian bikes. That reminds of the old Not The Nine O'Clock ad, Designed by Computers, Made by Robots, Driven by Italians.



Riding a motorcycle is a deadly business so it seems. I do recall the French film, Girl on a Motorcycle. It reminds me of some axiom that to make a film all you need is a girl with a gun. I also recall a still of Fiona Volpe riding a motorcycle.


The news is that disagreeable old aristocrat of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld, has obtained the services of Keira Knightley, to display his latest line in biker fashion.