The Assassin has a long history. There was a Valley of the Assassins, a place that concealed the entrance to Paradise. For a while the civilised world lived in fear of the Afghani assassins. How things have changed.


Lgenderary assassin, Raven Twisted.


An assassin doesn't kill just anyone. He kills to stop something, to cut off the head of something. He kills to change history. We don't know very much about assassins really. Even if an assassin is caught we don't know if he is a stooge. We don't know who paid him. Even if we do know all these things, we don't know if we have been told the truth.




Assassination Bureau



The Gene Generation

Michelle played by Crow veteran Bai Ling, a seductive assassin whose mission is to take out these so-called DNA Hackers is determined to use the new technology for good instead of evil. When her brother Jackie played by Parry Shen, steals a genetic device from their next-door neighbour Christian played by Alec Newman, a vigilante scientist, he gets dragged into the immoral cybernetic underworld. Michelle must fight not just for her own skin and blood, but also for the survival of an uncaring and unpromosing mankind.