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This Skeleton Girls website is the latest in a line of failed Internet projects. However dainty the Girls try to be, they are always offending someone who has the power of the button or the switch. I think it was Patriarchy that gave Matriarchy a bad name.


Emma Peel

Today we are celebrating Emma Peel, a character from the Tv series The Avengers. She has been an inspiration to women and sissies down the decades/ I have an Emma Peel doll to the left of me, one that can say a few phrases.



Tick Tock Man

Another thing I like is clocks.



I like widgets when they work. I'm impressed by the power they have. 



Where The Wild Things Are

It's taken me a while to understand that Net users are like migrating creatures, moving onwards to some new social pastures.

I had a lot of material on diskettes, but the diskette drive on my PC stopped working. Now I have a little diskette drive, a cute thing. I have some material from my old friend, Naya, the Elven Princess of the Frozen Lands.


I Like Widgets

I haven't done much with this site, but it is still here. That is a good thing. Many sites just disappear. I like widgets. It took me a long time to understand them.